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Ayrzol Sinead

Interchampion, Champion Of The Breed, Junior Champion Of The Breed, Champion Of Belarus, Champion Of Bulgaria, Champion Of Latvia, Champion Of Moldova, Champion Of Lithuania, Champion Of Poland, Champion Of Russia, Champion Of Romania, Champion Of Slovenia, Champion Of Ukraine, Champion Of The Baltic States, Junior Champion Of Belarus, Junior Champion Of Lithuania, Junior Champion Of Russia, Junior Champion Of Estonia.

Mother Sined – Ayrzol Naf Naf

Father Sined – Jumanji

Sinead is a serious and very smart girl. Amazing strength of character lies in this little Scotch tape. Everyone, even ice, unconditionally accepted her leadership, very independent and balanced, she has a wonderful temperament and curiosity, knows exactly what she wants, and, as a rule, gets everything. When I picked her up, John warned me that she was a leader, both by character and by birth, because in the big Scotch pack, her mother and father were alpha leaders. This rule is known from studies of hierarchy in wolf packs. So, the Danish Princess is fine she settled in my house, and now she considers it her own, which is true. Sined is very thorough and serious, although she also knows how to have fun, playing ball is her favorite. Having a strong character, she is an undoubted leader. Perceives only affectionate treatment, very brave, brave and loyal, keeps independently, with a great sense of self-esteem. Proudly placed beautiful lines of the head, the magnificent coat are in harmony with its entire appearance and immediately distinguish it.

Today is the 6th anniversary of my favorite Ayrzol Sinead. I am very grateful to her for 9 wonderful puppies (Litter B and Litter E) I
Wish you long happy years with me. Her exhibition career is going according to plan, but she has a great responsibility for the glorious origin of the leading cattery in Europe-Ayrzol. The brilliant success of her father Jumanji, mother Naf Naf and especially her aunt, the famous Ayrzol Ozone, who is known to the whole world of Scotch Terrier lovers, obliges both her and me.