Kennel Brave&Save

Ayrzol Villeroy

Father – Millingford Nothern Rock, Mother – Aurzol Ozone

Junior Champion of Breed, CH of Breed, Interсhampion Junior Champion of Belarus,Junior Champion of Baltia, Junior Champion of Latvia, Junior Champion of Lithuania, Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Ukraina, Junior Champion of Estonia, Junior Grand CH of Belarus, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Philippines, Champion of San Marino, Champion of Litvania, Champion of Russia, Grand CHof Belarus, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Estonia, Champion of Baltia, Champion of Poland BISj-2, BISj-3, BISj-4, BIG-2, BIG-1, 10 x JCAC, 6 x BOB, 9 x BJ, 20 x CAC, 11 x BOS, 4 х CACIB, 4 x RCACIB

5 months ago


15.06.2018 Happy birthday, dear Villeroy!!!
Today, 15/06/2018 Ayrzol Villeroy is 6 years old!! Happy birthday my lovely, beautiful, sucessful
gentleman!! You are a perfect example of race for me!! I’m so thankful and happy ,that you are with me!! Long
happy life my dear!! With love – me and your sons, daughters, grandchilds!!!

Autumn melody together with Ayrzol Villeroy (sir – Millingford Northern Rock + dame
– Ayrzol Ozone) Int.Ch., Multy CH.

2 National Dog Shows 23-24/07/2016 Estonia, Elva
Breitling Brave&Save – exl 001, CAC, CH of Estonia, CH of Baltia