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Berenica Brave&Save


Junior Champion of Breed, CH of Breed, Interсhampion Junior Champion of Belarus,Junior Champion of Baltia, Junior Champion of Latvia, Junior Champion of Lithuania, Junior Champion of Russia, Junior Champion of Ukraina, Junior Champion of Estonia, Junior Grand CH of Belarus, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Philippines, Champion of San Marino, Champion of Litvania, Champion of Russia, Grand CHof Belarus, Champion of Latvia, Champion of Estonia, Champion of Baltia, Champion of Poland BISj-2, BISj-3, BISj-4, BIG-2, BIG-1, 10 x JCAC, 6 x BOB, 9 x BJ, 20 x CAC, 11 x BOS, 4 х CACIB, 4 x RCACIB

Berenice was the name of the Princess, she is one of three daughters of sined and Leroy, I am very carefully watched, as it grows, and never for a moment doubted that I want to leave her in the kennel she has a playful character, brave, curious, and a lot mischievous, she mmediately invokes sympathy and very impressive looks. I think she will still please us all with her success!

Ukraine, Kiev
international dog show of all breeds

Berenica Brave&Save – champion class, ex. 001, CAC, CH of Ukraine!

On January 28-29, we visited the international dog show in Kaunas, Lithuania. (N 3/16 Scotch tape)
Our results:Day 1: referee Michael Clancy (Ireland) Berenica Brave&Save-class of Champions, EXT., 001, CAC, R-CACIB
Day 2: judge Laura Cox (Ireland)
Berenica Brave&Save-class of Champions, EXT., 002
It was nice to compete in a decent competition.

Congratulations to all participants!


National dog show in Siauliai, Lithuania, expert-Anna Ivanova, Lithuania.
Exhibitions in Lithuania-always a holiday-are perfectly organized.
Our results: Berenice brave & Save-class of Champions-exc. 001, CAC, BOS, show winner, CHAMPION


International exhibition of dogs of rank 2xCACIB Minsk, Belarus
Expert-ENGH ESPEN-Norway
Berenica Brave&Save-open class-EXT 002


The second day of the International exhibition of dogs of rank 2xCACIB Minsk, Belarus
Expert Nemania Jovanovic-Serbia
Berenica Brave&Save-class of Champions-EXL. 001-SAS, cut SASIB
International exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine: Gloria Dei Brave&Save 02.09.2017 – CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-4. 03.09.2017-CAC, CACIB, BOS.

Champion Of Ukraine!