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The breed of Scottish terriers appeared in Scotland in 1770 and till 1890 it was named
after the town it descends from – Aberdeen” (“Animal Kingdom”, Series “Dogs” Marcus Schneck, Jill Caravan).

Let me introduce myself: Halina Radziuk. I’m a dog breeder, biologist (Belarusian State University, human and animal physiology), psychologist.

I can consider myself a happy person, because I have two favorite occupations. The first one is business. For more than 20 years my company “Jana” has been representing the most famous brands of Swiss watches in Belarus. The second one, I have put my heart and soul into, is Scottish terriers. My kennel was opened in 2010.

This moment today in our kennel  “Brave&Save” are:

International Champion-9, Breed Champion-15, Junior Breed Champion-14 Baltic Champion-9,  Balcan Champion-4, Champion of Belarus-18, Grand Champion of Belarus-5, Champion of Bulgaria-5, Grand Champion of Bulgaria-1, Champion of Latvia-13, Champion of Lithuania-11, Champion of Moldova-7, Grand Champion of Moldova-3, Champion of Poland-9, Champion of Romania-3,  Champion of Russia-15, Champion of  Slovenia-3, Champion of Ukraine-8, Champion of Estonia-11, Champion of San Marino-3, Champion of the Philippines-3, Champion of America-1, Junior Grand Champion of Belarus-6, Junior Champion of Belarus-20, Junior Champion of  Bulgaria2, Junior Grand Champion of Bulgaria-1, Junior Champion of Latvia-7, Junior Champion of Lithuania-9, Junior Champion of Moldova-1, Junior Champion of Poland2, Junior Champion of Russia-11, Junior Champion of Ukraina -4, Junior Champion of Estonia-7, Junior Baltic  Champion-3, Junior Balcan Champion-1, Junior Winner of Belarus-1, Junior Champion of Czech Republic-1, Junior Champion of Italy-1.

The history of my love to Scottish terriers many years ago. Once my daughter Nadine and me were looking through a newspaper and saw the   announcement about selling Scottish terrier puppies. We decided to visit the family where the puppies lived to see them, because we both dreamed about such dog. At that time we have a lovely cross-breed dog Antoshka living in our house.

She was a small golden creature of difficult character (a gift of my pupil from the school where I worked as a biology teacher).

When we saw four small puppies running to meet us, we decided to take one of them. So our family had the first Scottish terrier called Archibald (Archi for family people). Our dear Antoshka and Archi, we remember and love you! Thank you very much for love and deep devotion you were giving us for 13 years!

At the beginning of the 90s dog shows in Belarus weren’t so popular like now, but even at that time Archi and me took part in different competitions and got some certificates.

When Archi was 5 years old, in the street I found seriously sick Scottish terrier that was kicked out by one hunter, because he didn’t need the dog any more. I together with my friend and our daughters washed him, were treating this Scotty for a long time and decided to call him Timur. Later some kind people took Timur to live with them, and he was their faithful friend for 10 years.

I always knew that a Scottish terrier would live with me and  perhaps not one. So soon Ais (Ais Ventura Dai Hard) appeared in our family. After 4 years I brought my second dog Canny (Arabella’s/D All You Can Eat) from German kennel Arabella’s. In June 2010 I brought Ais’s daughter Luksa (Luksa Queen Sonas ORT) from Ukraine. After the World Dog Show 2010 in Denmark Ais, Canny and me returned home with Sinead (Ayrzol Sinead). Kara Mia is the fifth Scotty in my kennel, she is Ais’s daughter as well and lives with my friends. Psychologists say that people subconsciously choose those whose traits of character are particularly valuable for them. Bravery, faithfulness,  intelligence and independence (this list can be infinitely continued) – this is the nature of a Scottish terrier. My speciality (human and animal physiology, psychologist), which I chose because of my love for nature, especially for animals, had a great influence on my decision to open the kennel. In  conclusion, I would like to say that I’m happy to return to my favorite occupation, and I’ll try to do everything possible for this wonderful breed – Scottish terrier!